19_BahnsonAire fan_benefits.jpgFugitive dust accumulation can be a major burden for organizations in paper processing, hardwood production, textiles, and other manufacturing industries. As dust builds up, it not only creates serious fire and safety hazards but can also damage equipment, interrupt production, and impact employee health and wellbeing. 

Capable of 24/7 operation and featuring a streamlined design, the BahnsonAire fan provides proactive, preventive dust elimination. At only 100 pounds, it’s one of the lightest fans of its kind on the market.

For decades, clients have been taking advantage of this easy to install, easy to maintain solution to fugitive dust—and reaping the benefits.

Prevent Downtime

For manufacturers, even a minor halt to production can have a serious impact on the bottom-line. Excessive fugitive dust may not be able to be effectively cleaned up during regular, planned maintenance shutdowns.

The BahnsonAire fan gives focused attention to hard-to-reach areas where dust typically accumulates, helping keep your facility clean without needing to pause production—which in turn helps save significant time and money.

Improve Air Quality

Fighting fugitive dust also helps improve overall air quality, providing employees a healthier and more comfortable working environment. When working in tandem with an air filtration system, the BahnsonAire fan eliminates virtually all fugitive dust in the air.

Improved air quality not only promotes the health and wellbeing of employees but has also been shown to increase productivity.

Extend Equipment Lifespans

Fugitive dust doesn’t only accumulate on rafters and ductwork. If its left unattended, dust can also settle on and inside your machinery and damage sensitive equipment. 

By keeping air free of fugitive dust, the BahnsonAire fan promotes the longevity of your critical equipment, helping you avoid costly maintenance, cleaning, and calibration—or worse, replacement.

Minimize Risk

Fines from breaking fugitive dust regulations can be steep, and, even minor incidents caused by combustible dust events, can lead to higher insurance premiums.

Moreover, when employees are forced to use lifts or ladders to clean elevated surfaces, they are put at risk for falls—one of the most common and frequent workplace hazards.

Your investment in a BahnsonAire fan is also an investment in risk mitigation.

Promote Cleanliness

For large facilities, the costs associated with keeping surfaces free of dust—even if cleaning doesn’t require downtime—can be steep. The adaptability and constant operation of the BahnsonAire fan can help you slash your housekeeping budget.

Further, the cleanliness of your facility will have an added benefit of projecting a professional brand image to visitors, business partners, and employees.

Reach out today to learn more about the advantages of the BahnsonAire fan’s proactive approach to dust elimination.

Tenant Build-Out Project Spotlight

Tenant Build-Out Project Highlight

When a large law firm needed to expand and modernize its offices, they called on Gibson Electric for a complete package of electrical contracting services.

During the project, we installed a complete structured-cable system, the highlight of which was a data center build-out and riser providing high-speed interconnectivity to the rest of the office suites.

The facility’s two floors worth of data center space features:

  • Separate and dedicated electrical service and distribution systems
  • Emergency generator
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • N+1 power support

Throughout the entirety of the project, Gibson Electric maintained our client’s strict move-in schedule. The remaining 25-floor build-out included:

  • Two complete high-end conference centers
  • State-of-the-art conferencing ambiance controls
  • Comprehensive electrical installation
    • Voice/data structured systems
    • Life safety systems
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Electrical receptacles