Air Filtration Systems

12_BahnsonAire fan_air filtration.jpgWhile most air filtration systems either clean the facility’s ambient air or are directly connected to process machinery, they don’t account for the buildup of dust on overhead surfaces. Air filtration systems often fail to eliminate the fugitive dust that migrates and settles on ducts, pipes, conduits, beams, bar joists, and other structural members in buildings.

The BahnsonAire fan can work on its own, or in tandem with an air filtration system, to provide a virtually complete elimination of fugitive dust buildup.

Working in Tandem with an Air Filtration System

Some facilities use the BahnsonAire fan, in conjunction with an air filtration system, to control combustible dust accumulation in the building and thereby reduce fire hazards.

The majority of surface dust is heavier than air, meaning the BahnsonAire fan, on its own, will blow it to the floor. A small fraction of dust particles is light enough to remain airborne, where they can be processed through an air filtration system and eliminated from the plant.

Serving as a Standalone Solution to Dust Accumulation

On its own, the BahnsonAire fan is highly effective against overhead dust accumulation.

While some systems eliminate dust from ever reaching the building, those systems can be cost prohibitive, requiring a significant investment in air filtration for the entire air volume of the plant. Periodic cleaning services will remove dust, but create regular disruptions to your facility’s operations. The BahnsonAire fan provides a functional, cost-effective solution, helping you meet regulations without disturbing your operations or exceeding your budget.

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Tenant Build-Out Project Spotlight

Tenant Build-Out Project Highlight

When a large law firm needed to expand and modernize its offices, they called on Gibson Electric for a complete package of electrical contracting services.

During the project, we installed a complete structured-cable system, the highlight of which was a data center build-out and riser providing high-speed interconnectivity to the rest of the office suites.

The facility’s two floors worth of data center space features:

  • Separate and dedicated electrical service and distribution systems
  • Emergency generator
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • N+1 power support

Throughout the entirety of the project, Gibson Electric maintained our client’s strict move-in schedule. The remaining 25-floor build-out included:

  • Two complete high-end conference centers
  • State-of-the-art conferencing ambiance controls
  • Comprehensive electrical installation
    • Voice/data structured systems
    • Life safety systems
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Electrical receptacles